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House is a Journey
It's House ... but with a French Touch
Category: House
Location: Melbourne
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March 12, 2018 06:36 PM PDT

2018 Mar Work Hard for Your Enemy Pt.1


In Hong Kong for a short visit, always conducive to a bit of mixing and edits.




  1. 2016 Work Hard for Your Enemy (Extended Mix) [Xtian The Source Edit]. Sandy Rivera
  2. 2018 Late (Short Edit)[Xtian I’m Human Rework]. Tontario 
  3. 2017 Far Away Place (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) [Xtian Human Edit]. Xinobi
  4. 2017 Gorecki (Extended Mix). Chicane         
  5. 2018 For All Time (Extended Mix) [Xtian Redlights Edit]. Jody Wisternoff, Hendrik Burkhard
  6. 2018 Delta (Original Mix). Ziger, Blusoul
  7. 2013 Ringo (Radio Edit). Joris Voorn
  8. 2018 Don’t Miss (Armen Miran Remix). Jinadu, Fake Mood
  9. 2018 Right Here Right Now (CamelPhat Remix). Fatboy Slim
  10. 2018 Set Me Fee (Zsak Radio Mix). Crazibiza, Sante Cruze
  11. 2015 Got the Love (Sante Cruze Remix). Crazibiza, DragonFly         
  12. 2008 Angel on My Shoulder (EDXs Belo Horizonte At Night Remix). Kaskade, Tamra Keenan
  13. 2017 Remember (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix). Eleven.Five & Arielle Maren
  14. 2018 Insomnia (Original Mix) [Xtian Godly Edit]. Andrew Meller


Would be a long story but the title and mood of the set should say it all.


Deep, Dark & Progressive. Introspective & Aggressive. As I have just written long story and I am far from being done.


This being said, it is a good, current and solid set You really should download and keep this one for a rainy day.



The Sandy Rivera’s title track. I heard it first live in Melbourne when the man himself came about 6 months ago. He was “trying” the track before the European season.. Instant hit!

 The two underground tracks “Delta” and “Don’t Miss”, great tribal beats and live guitar and some ethnicity on top. Ziger & Blusoul are from Athens. Another pair of great Greek Progressive producers. As for Jinadu and Fake Mood, could not find a lot of info on the former but Fake Mood are a duo of two great musicans Viktor Petrov and Dmitry Kokhan based in Saint-Petersburg.

As for the last track “Insomnia”. Had a bit of a play with it but respect for Andrew Meller because it takes guts to try refitting such a Trance/Prog classic. fitting close for this set.





Will post Part 2 shortly, enjoy this one.


A bientôt



December 06, 2017 01:11 AM PST

2017 Dec Jus’ Dance


Preparing for a party and selected those tunes for a sexy house get it down hour.


Won't be the exact playlist for the night (for those intending to come) but set should give you a taste of what to expect.


All about the beats and the bass. 




  1. 2015 Jus’ Dance (Dario D'Attis Remix). Mr. V
  2. 2017 That Groove (Husky's BHM Mix). Cimieon, Marck Jamz, Husky
  3. 2017 Get into the Dub. ATFC 
  4. 2016 Rapture (Andrey Exx Mix). Andrey Exx, Elis M. Feeling, Mary Irene
  5. 2017 Cola (Mousse T.'s Glitterbox Mix). CamelPhat, Elderbrook, Mousse T.
  6. 2017 My House (Greco NYC Remix). Low Steppa, Mr. V, Greco (NYC)
  7. 2017 My Way (Husky's BHM Deluxe Edit. Bonetti, Rescue Poetix, Husky
  8. 2017 Straight On (Original Mix). SAMO
  9. 2017 I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Club Mix). Andrea Marchesini, Norah Grey
  10. 2017 Saxomatic (Original Mix). Crazibiza
  11. 2016 Pump the Bass (Original Mix). Styline, Mr. V
  12. 2016 So Many Times Feat. Monika Kiss (Original Mix). Phil Daras, Vicente Ferrer, Victor Perez, Monika Kiss
  13. 2016 Beat Back (Dario's 'Future Funk' Mix). Dario Rodriguez & Mr. V Feat. Mr. V, Dario Rodriguez, Mr. V
  14. 2010 Billie Jean (DJ Fudge & Danny Marquez Radio Edit). Rocco, Danny Marquez, DJ Fudge
  15. 2010 Lmaoblade (Original Club Mix). Funkagenda


Shoutout to an immense Australian talent: Husky from Random Soul fame.


December 05, 2017 02:20 AM PST

Dec 2017 Rebooting from the Deep End (Black Voices Matter)


Not for everyone, East Coast Deep House or as close as you will get from me in the genre.


Should you not like NYC, Chicago or Detroit Deep House stay clear of this one but if you are curious, surrender to the groove, it is half decent.




  1. 2017 Higher (Marques Wyatt & Gabriel Rene AquaDEEP Mix). Groove Junkies, Scott K., Indeya, Marques Wyatt, Gabriel Rene
  2. 2017 It Can Be (East Mix). Sean McCabe, Mr. V
  3. 2017 The Believe (Original Mix). Genetic Funk, Mr V
  4. 2017 Misunderstood (Stripped & Salty Vocal. Miguel Migs, Coco Bonne
  5. 2017 The House Music Track. FCL, Lady Linn, Gustaph
  6. 2017 The Energy of The Room (Joeski Remix). Nightsteppaz, Roland Clark, Joeski
  7. 2017 Gypsy Woman (Richey Profond Remix). Crystal Waters, Richey Profond
  8. 2017 Baby Tell Me. Fish Go Deep
  9. 2015 Origins of House (Original Mix). Terry Lex, Gianni N
  10. 2017 In My House (Plaster Hands Killer Edit). Tommy Vee, Mr V., Plaster Hands Killer Edit
  11. 2013 The End (Oliver $ Back to Skool Mix). Chris Minus, Mr. V
  12. 2017 The Statement (The Black 80s Mix). Jon Cutler, Eman, The Black 80s
  13. 2016 For the Love (Remixed) (DJ Jayms Remix). Waxcraft, Kitebeak, DJ Jayms
  14. 2012 Gettin' High (Original Main Mix). Mr. V, OVEOUS


Shout out for one of my all-time fav, Mr. V from Sole Channel Music




Mr V’s bio: https://www.traxsource.com/artist/1119/mr-v


House is a Journey

December 02, 2017 11:21 PM PST

Dec 2017 The Progressive Clean-up (B-List)


Progressive with a dash of Nu-House..


Got bored with it midway.. The set turned more high energy than originally intended with an overly ambitious mash-up! Be gentle with me, I am just getting reacquainted with the mixer. The general idea was to clean up the progressive folder and choose tracks to be played at a future party. This set includes the tunes, which, rightly or wrongly, did not make the cut.


I simply have too much backlog to be too choosy.. Either tunes will never get a hearing or some sets will be just so so.. Could be one of those..




  1. Ready or Not (Nu Deep Mix). Loungetronic
  2. Girl (Toly Braun Remix). DJ Aristocrat, Dave Baron, Toly Braun
  3. Lay on You (Mark Lower Remix). Rober Gaez, Mark Lower
  4. Hold Me Close. MING & Game Chasers
  5. I Remember (Holter & Mogyoro Remix). Juloboy, Holter & Mogyoro
  6. Put ‘Em High (Freemasons Remix). Freemasons, Therese
  7. It Feels so Good (Highpass Reshuffle Radio Edit). Mercer & Gissal
  8. Everything to Lose (ATFC Remix). Dido
  9. You Used to Hold Me (Avicii Remember Remix). D.O.N.S., Terri B., Avicii
  10. I Feel Love (Club Mix). Rhythm Masters, MYNC, Wynter Gordon
  11. Burning (Instrumental Mix) [Xtian Call Me Mash]. Malachi, AM2PM
  12. Yesterday (Extended Mix). House of Virus, DJ Rae
  13. Blue Monday (Original Mix). Sol Productions, Diane Charlemagne
  14. Somebody (Leventina Remix) [Xtian Edit]. DJ Tatana, Wooden Tunes
  15. Caprioska (Yuriy From Russia Remix). Mindgamers
  16. Boy in The Picture (Extended Mix). Kid Creme, Jolyon Petch, Sian Evans
  17. Take Me Away (Original Mix). Maiga


House is a Journey

December 02, 2017 04:30 PM PST

2017 Dec Chill Pills Pt.1 (Sueño)


Revert to previous for update and current status. Gradually getting back into it.


Chill and Beach House fitting for the onset of the Australian summer. Nothing ground-breaking but hopefully a nice chilled vibe. Pt.1 of 2 sets.



  1. 2015 American Boy (Original Mix). Ely Bruna, Neja
  2. 2015 Come Back Baby (Original Mix). Flush
  3. 2016 You Work Hard for Your Enemy (Extended Mix). Sandy Rivera           
  4. 2017 Tin Man (Rj Remix). Christian Prommer, Adriano Prestel       
  5. 2017 Catch the Beat (Dims's Old Fashioned Dub). T Ski Valley, Dimitri From Paris
  6. 2017 Day After Day. Matthew Heyer, Kate Elsworth
  7. 2012 House Session (Beach Mix). Phil Kinley
  8. 2013 Sueño Latino vs Rising (Bootleg). Jask, Spiritchaser vs Jay-J
  9. 2017 Sueño Latino (Club Edit). Spiritchaser
  10. 2013 Dreams (Director's Cut Classic Mix). Vintage Lounge Orchestra, Knuckles, Kupper
  11. 2017 When the Love Is Gone (Original Sax Mix). OtherSoul, Airam
  12. 2010 Flexxx (Matthias Heilbronn's Soulflower Mix). Astrid Suryanto, Matthias Heilbronn
  13. 2016 Freedom (OtherSoul Remix). Sergio D'Angelo, Aldo Bergamasco, Pierre Piccarde, OtherSoul
  14. 2015 Rescue Me (Nikos Diamantopoulos Remix). Teejay Walton & Gina Glover, Nikos Diamantopoulos
  15. 2017 Fine Night (Vocal Mix). Ruff Ryder
  16. 2016 Ma Quale Idea (Francesco Cofano Mix). Pino D'Angio, Francesco Cofano



House is a Journey


December 01, 2017 06:00 PM PST

2017 Dec Rebooting from the Deep End (Pt. 1 Taste this Love)


“The news of my passing was greatly exaggerated”. Borrowing from Oscar Wilde or (Mark Twain who knows?)


House is a Journey 2.0! Reboot..


Had to focus on more important issues for a while. Though I did play live and mixed at parties, I could not be bothered with tweaking and publishing. I have a few live raw sets on my drive, which will eventually be uploaded. I even have an uploaded yet unpublished set from April 2017, cannot remember why I failed to publish... I shall catch up shortly therefore expect lots of (hopefully half decent) music before the year end.


Interesting that I eventually got going with Deep House, I was listening to the tunes of a friend of mine German-Greek producer, Petros Mitolis, and felt like… yeah, it is now TIME!


House is a Journey is .. resurfacing!


Philakia Petros!




  1. 2017 There's No Time To Waste (Original Mix). Scott Diaz, Max Footwork
  2. 2015 Tell Her (Original Mix). Dry & Bolinger
  3. 2015 Passion (H@K Deep Mix). Petros Mitolis, H@k
  4. 2017 Sky High (Mr. V Low Rider Extension). Doug Lazy, Mr. V
  5. 2009 Seduction (Pt 1) (Dave Mayer Remix). Jask, Seduction Dave Mayer
  6. 2016 Feel So Alive (Staffan Thorsell Remix 1). Deep Grounder, Virag, Staffan Thorsell    
  7. 2013 Taste This Love (Original Mix Tony Cannon Full Master). Petros Mitolis
  8. 2017 Rock. Petros Mitolis
  9. 2013 The Afterhours (Sole Channel Mix). Mr. V
  10. 2017 Be Somebody. Josh Butler, Boswell     
  11. 2012 Let Me Tell You Something (Sandy Rivera’s Mix). Kings of Tomorrow
  12. 2017 I Can Tell You [Xtian Edit]. Butterfly Soul, Le Noir
  13. 2014 These Heights (Detroit Swindle Mile High Club Remix) [Xtian Edit]. TCTS, Shivum Sharma, Detroit Swindle
  14. 2017 Dark Sweet Piano 2K17 (OtherSoul Sunset Mix). Esteban Lopez, Pedro Pons, Aura, OtherSoul
  15. 2014 Nothing (Chris Deepak Vision Remix) [Xtian Edit]. Petros Mitolis, Val Gee
  16. 2017 Higher Pt. 1 (Marques Wyatt & Gabriel Rene AquaDEEP Mix). Groove Junkies, Scott K., Indeya, Marques Wyatt, Gabriel Rene
  17. 2017 Chain [Xtian Edit]. Petros Mitolis


Petros Mitolis, be sure to check in out on:







March 05, 2017 02:40 AM PST

Chinese Chills Ep.1 (30 hours to nowhere)


Happy Birthday Denise! Told you.. I’ll House you!


Downtempo Progressive house with a hint of Nu-Disco.


Not referring to real Chill out but to the fact that I mixed those upcoming sets whilst travelling in China. The trip was horrid, when murphy’s law being the default mode. Furthermore, it was cold, chilling, freezing cold hence the title of the series.


First episode was mixed during a 30 hours’ period, with 5 connections for a itinerary, which really ought to have taken half the time. Tired, pissed off and needing some soothing music.


But if anything, this tempo 120/121 is my chill tempo. We are not talking about Chill Out Enya’s style but the type music I want to listen to in a hotel room, doing some work, relaxing but still needing a beat and yes sometimes a nu-disco beat.


The underlying theme being trying to “House You” around new progressive tunes and a few new take on classic tunes.


Hope you like it, a few new uploads coming your way very soon. I have a classic house mega set dropped live at a party on my hard drive, which will be uploaded once I get hrough my Chinese progressive sets.




  1. 2016 What I Need (Original Mix) [Xtian When Words Fail I’ll House You Edit] . Mika Olson, Jermaine Fleur
  2. 2017 When People Become Numbers (Original Mix) [Xtian Perfectly Mashed]. Eleven.Five
  3. 2015 Finally (Holter & Mogyoro Remix). Sweed, Jalana, Holter & Mogyoro
  4. 2013 Hold On (Soulano's Deep Sundown Mix) [Xtian King Edit Mash]. Soulano, Leilani
  5. 2016 King of My Castle (Original Mix) [Xtian Canon Lil’ Edit]. Cristian Poow, Dessy Slavova
  6. 2016 Sheets (Original Mix). Alexander Remus, Liza Flume
  7. 2016 Sunlight (Jody Wisternoff Remix). Lane 8       
  8. 2013 West End Girls (Face Off Remix). Dino Lenny
  9. 2016 City Girl (Nico Pusch Remix) [Xtian Ill House You Edit]. Claus Casper, Jean Philips, Nico Pusch
  10. 2016 Thinking About You (Toly Braun Remix) [Xtian Ill House You Edit]. Vicent Ballester, The Nurk, Dave Baron, Toly Braun
  11. 2016 Just Be Good To Me (Deekey  Stellix Remix) . DiscoVer.
  12. 2016 Needin' Someone (Original Mix). Phil Fuldner
  13. 2016 I Wanna Know (Dub Mix) [Xtian Ill House You Edit]. JazzyFunk, Rene
  14. 2016 Real Me (Original Mix) [Xtian Ill House You Edit]. Nicone Aquarius Heaven  
  15. 2016 Let Me Love You (Tiesto’s AFTRHRS Mix). Tiesto, DJ Snake, Justin Bieber
  16. 2013 Loosing Me (Original Mix) [Xtian Edit]. Amir




Starting with “What I Need”, constructed around an 80’s sample you will recognize, great production and Mika Olson is an immense electronic artist which projects go beyond the traditional house electronic scene. Check his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mika-olson


“Hold On”: Soulano is a new project for real bumping house music with a touch of Soul!

Soulano was founded in 2011 by two DJ/Producers from Cologne/Germany. One of them is a legend of house music in Germany.

His name is Andreas, well known as Groovemaster K. or as a part of the famous Bongoloverz-Project, releasing tracks on Soulfuric Records (Miami), Milk & Sugar Records and many more.

Check them out on beaport: www.beatport.com/artist/soulano/249375


“Thing about You” thumping bassline, immaculate production and a catchy chorus. From Alicante, Spain check him out: https://www.beatport.com/artist/vicent-ballester/376591 and go on the Nurk page as well.


“Needin’ Someone” special tume bassline and filtered vocals. From Phil Fuldner, Germany`s best looking DJ" has the full range of modern electronic sounds at his fingertips and reaches further into funk and rare groove. Prepare to expect the unexpected and you are on the right track. Every Phil Fuldner set is something different and unique, searching and outstanding..

Check him out: https://soundcloud.com/philfuldner


A très bientôt!



December 30, 2016 09:48 PM PST

Mega 4 hours set you can stream for your NYE party..

Mostly current "best of" soulful track of 2016 with a few oldies towards the end.

Happy New Year to the Soulful tribe!!



  1. 2016 Turn Me On (Original Mix). Terry Lex
  2. 2016 Free (Extended Mix). Jako Diaz, Veselina Popova
  3. 2016 Easy 2 Love (Richard Earnshaw Remix). Allovers, Eva Kade, Richard Earnshaw
  4. 2015 A Gentleman's Song FK (Mark Di Meo Soulful Mix). Mark Di Meo
  5. 2016 Feeling U (David Morales Remix). Sonny Fodera, Yasmin, David Morales
  6. 2015 Something Got Me Started (Original Mix). JL & AFTERMAN, JL, Afterman   
  7. 2016 The Power of Your Love (Radio Mix). Twenty Feet Down, Adana
  8. 2015 Shined on Me (Original Mix). Giorgio Sainz, Night Owl, Pesos, Lili (PL)
  9. 2016 Shed Light (Luca Debonaire Radio Mix). Lika Morgan, Luca Debonaire
  10. 2016 Temperature Rising (Original Mix). Unique2Rhythm
  11. 2015 My Feelings for You 2015 (Ted Nilsson Stuart Ojelay Remix). Barbara Douglas, Maff Boothroyd
  12. 2016 Let the Music Take Control (Husky's Bobbin Head Mix). Random Soul, Roxy Lebrasse, Husky
  13. 2016 So Long Gone (Eric Kupper Mix). Rebecca Scales, Eric Kupper
  14. 2016 When the Love Is Gone (Vocal Mix). OtherSoul, Airam
  15. 2014 Set Fire On the Rain (OtherSoul Bootleg). Layabouts feat. Adele      
  16. 2016 Hello (OtherSoul Remix). Adele           
  17. 2016 Catch the Light (Time To Extend Mix). Demarkus Lewis, Martha Wash
  18. 2015 Naked (Jamie Lewis Darkroom Unreleased Long Mix). Jamie Lewis, Kim Cooper
  19. 2016 Remember Me (Soulmagic Remix). Souxsoul, Soulmagic
  20. 2015 Yes You Do (Original Mix). Lunare Project, Eric Kupper           
  21. 2016 So Long Gone (Classic Vocal Mix). Rebecca Scales, Richard Earnshaw
  22. 2016 In the Morning (Francois Extended Remix). Sannie,
  23. 2015 100% House Music. House of Virus, Marshall Jefferson         
  24. 2016 Rhythm Is a Dancer (Original Disco Mix). Diva Avari, The French House Mafia         
  25. 2016 Givin' My Love. Mark Funk, Danny Cruz
  26. 2016 Temperature Rising (OskiDJ Remix). Unique2Rhythm, Oski DJ
  27. 2016 You're in My System (Reelsoul Remix). Kelvin Sylvester, Lee Wilson, Reelsoul
  28. 2016 Touched the Sky (Angelo Ferreri Remix). Dennis Ferrer, Mia Tuttavilla, Angelo Ferreri
  29. 2016 In Da Club. Rob Hayes
  30. 2016 Needle on The Record (Angelo Ferreri Remix). Andrea Carissimi, Michele Chiavarini, Angelo Ferreri
  31. 2016 Night on Fire (feat. Shyam P) (Original Mix). Husky, Shyam P
  32. 2016 My Love Is Pure (Original Mix). DJ Fudge, Hallex M, Tasita D' Mour  
  33. 2016 President House (Diephuis Remix). DJ Roland Clark, Urban Soul, Diephuis    
  34. 2015 Soul Fever (AM2PM Extended Mix). MP, Angie Brown, AM2PM        
  35. 2008 Finally (Danny Krivit-Steve Travolta Re-Edit). Kings of Tomorrow, Steve Travolta, Danny Krivit
  36. 2016 Freedom (Original Mix). Husky
  37. 2016 Feel So Alive (Staffan Thorsell Remix 2). Deep Grounder, Virag, Staffan Thorsell
  38. 2008 Bad Habit (ATFC Original Vocal). ATFC, Lisa Millett
  39. 2013 Just Dance. Husky, Andrea Love
  40. 2005 Most Precious Love (DF Future 3000 Mix). Blaze, UDA, Barbara Tucker, Dennis Ferrer
  41. 2013 Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper As Director's Cut Signature Mix). Donna Summer
  42. 2012 Nothing But Love for You (Director’s Cut Breathtaking Adventure). The Shapeshifters, C-Dock
  43. 2012 Someone Like You (Full Vocal Mix). Soulmagic
  44. 2004 Amazing. George Michael


Bonne Année


October 22, 2016 06:13 PM PDT

Merry Xmas to all of you!


Elements of a Dancer.. A combination of old progressive trance dance tunes with a small sprinkling of current clubby numbers and far too many Xtian Edits

A very easy, meant to get you off your feet, festive and unashamadely commercial set.. 


I originally intended to publish the Shanghai Progressions Pt.2 back in September, had staggered the publishing of the uploads in order not to overload anyone but somehow it got lost in-between the cloud and the Chinese firewall. So be it! Lost forever.. Then, life got busy and I had no time to even think about tunes let alone mix anything..


A fortnight ago a friend reminded me that Xmas was approaching and that a new set would be a nice festive gesture.. Here it is my (one day..) cycling buddy! Hope you find it motivating enough to take on a ride and not too commercial for your discerning ears though... I did want something fun and not too heady, one which would nicely fit on a CD for the family to listen to during the holidays.

A lot of post-production for the Xtian’s Edits, a few gratuitous, a couple acceptable!


Thus, Let’s Dance!!





  1. 2008 Pjanoo (Original Club Mix) [Xtian Get You Dancing Edit]. Eric Prydz
  2. 2016 Goodbye (meHiLove Vocal Remix). Tara Louise & Masoud
  3. 2015 Show Me Love (EDX Remix Radio Edit]. Sam Feldt ft. Kimberly Anne
  4. 2016 Missing (Extended Mix). Kimberly Anne, Luca Schreiner
  5. 2015 Borrow Love (Original Mix). (Me & My Toothbrush vs. Paul Richmond
  6. 2015 Uruguay (EDX Radio Mix) [Xtian Take Me Away Edit]. Nora En Pure & Sons of Maria
  7. 2015 Insomnia (Calippo Remix) [Xtian Edit]. Faithless & Calippo
  8. 2016 Things We Might Have Said (Original Mix). Cari Golden, Reiner Zonnefeld
  9. 2016 I Feel For You (2016 Rework). Bob Sinclar, DBN
  10. 2015 Destiny(Original Mix). Markus Schulz ft. Delacey
  11. 2013 Thinking About You (EDXs Belo Horizonte at Night Remix. Calvin Harris, Ayah Marar
  12. 2015 Breathe (Forerunners Remix) [Xtian Light Up Edit]. David Broaders & DenSity FuZion
  13. 2009 Downpipe (Original Club Mix) [Xtian Short Rush Edit]. Mark Knight, D. Ramirez, Underworld
  14. 2014 Breaking Love (Original Extended Mix) [Xtian Reach Out Soul Edit]. Larrikin
  15. 2013 Time is by Your Side (Nigel Good Remix). Aerosoul ft. John Ward
  16. 2012 Orchestra (Original Mix) (Xtian Dancer Edit). Matteo Marini




My personal favourites are "Things We Might Have Said" and "Destiny".. Not to miss! The former one being one of my pick for perfectly produced tune of 2016.. As for the latter, if you like melodic progressive trance, the Markus Schulz tune is one for you..


A blast for the past with Mark Knight’s  “Downpipe”, which I had forgotten, thanks Chris!


All too easy!!


I have a VERY bloated cart of Traxsource therefore will be back fairly soon.


A bientôt


Joyeux Noël




P.S: have cut a few CD, so if you are on my Xmas list, who knows, you might get one..

September 02, 2016 09:20 PM PDT

Mini-series at the confines of Progressive House and Trance. Still from Shanghai. At this time of writing I am not sure if I will leave the chopped 2 x 45 seconds of electro in tunes 10. I tried to restructure the tunes to take out as much of it as I could but had to leave the build.


New tunes interspaced with some remixes of well-known favs of mine, not quite sure it this set is an absolute must have download, but seems I am gearing up to a trance set in a couple of weeks.


I have staggered the publishing schedule of all the sets I have uploaded lately for no one to incur insane data charges. But I have to admit that I am a bit lost in the schedule. I believe there is another one to appear on your feed before I get to something new.






  1. 2016 My Enemy (Movement Machina Remix). Julie Thompson, Super8 & Tab    
  2. 2015 Angel Slide (Original Mix). Crazibiza
  3. 2016 In The City (Shingo Nakamura Remix). Talamanca, South Pole, Alicia Kapel
  4. 2016 You’ll Know (Original Mix). Grum
  5. 2014 Closely (Lezcano Remix). Katrin Souza
  6. 2012 Irish Space Disco (Andersen Remix). DJ Sveta, Dmitriiev, DJ Mixon
  7. 2013 Disturbia (Dj Delirious Remix). Dj Delirious, Rihanna
  8. 2015 Purple Sunset Over the Meadow (Original Mix). Tommy Baynen
  9. 2010 I Know (Dennis Christopher Remix). George Acosta feat. Tiff Lacey  
  10. 2015 How Deep Is Your Love (Calvin Harris & R3hab Remix). Calvin Harris & Disciples
  11. 2010 Missing (George M 2010 Reconstruction Remix). EBTG, George
  12. 2016 Fire (Original Mix). Rodg, Patrick Baker
  13. 2009 The Cure and The Cause (The Cube Guys Dub vs. Vocal Mix). Fish Go Deep, Tracey K          





In the City, the Grum’s jam and the very clever (and surpassingly old) Cube Boys remix of the classic soulful house the Cure and the Cause from Fish Go Deep.


A bientôt



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