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House is a Journey
It's House ... but with a French Touch
Category: House
Location: Melbourne
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July 14, 2018 05:00 PM PDT

2018 July Arrival: From the Beach to the Dance Floor Pt3

Connection: Athens


Driftin' on a memory

Ain't no place I'd rather be

Than with you

Loving you well-well-well

Day will make a way for night

All we'll need is candle lights

And a song yeah

Soft and long


Eclectic Summer Beach and Chilled Progressive House going into soft Trance for those just who have headed North.


Third Part: some self-serving drops related to personal and football issues. The final of the 2018 World Cup is tonight and a “little prayer” might be warranted. As for “In Praise of the Sun” well I am looking at photos from sunny Greece on a daily basis from glacial Melbourne and it hurts!


Allez les Bleus!




  1. 2005 Say a Little Prayer (License to Groove Mix). Francesco Diaz, Karl Frierson
  2. 2010 Toujours le Soleil (Funky Guitar Edit). Mr. Joshua pres. Vanessa St. James     
  3. 2001 In Praise of the Sun (Chilled vs MTV) [Xtian Edit]. Mr. Joshua pres. Vanessa St James, Espiritu
  4. 2018 Up the Sky 2018 (Noby Remix). Nikos Diamantopoulos, Elena, Noby
  5. 2018 Finally Business (JMAR Soundcloud Mashup). Kings of Tomorrow x H2O, Fatboy Slim Soundcloud. 
  6. 2016 Visions (Purple Disco Machine Remix). Eli Escobar, Purple Disco Machine
  7. 2018 Gypsy Woman (Kinky Movement Vocal Mix). Nina Lares, Esteban Adame, Kinky Movement
  8. 2018 Summertime (Superlover 2018 Update Mix). Milk & Sugar, Superlover, Stardust
  9. 2016 Make Your Move (ESquire Remix). Croatia Squad, Lika Morgan, ESquire
  10. 2018 Feel Alright (Ross Couch Remix). Tony S
  11. 2010 For the Love of You (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix vs Ricanstriction Vocal). D'Moov, Nicole Henry, Frankie Feliciano
  12. 2013 Turn the Volume Up (Pray for More's In Love with Mjuzieek Mix). Pray for More, Annette Taylor
  13. 2017 Long Train Running (House Anatomy Classic Mix). Aax Donnel, Marco Angeli
  14. 2006 So Many Times (Vocal Club Mix). Gadjo, Alexandra Prince
  15. 2010 Say a Little Prayer (House Version). Anita Warp
  16. 2016 If Only I Could (Boston Bun Remix). Fusion Groove Orchestra, Steve Lucas, Boston Bun
  17. 2010 Sax (Yasmin Le Bon Remix vs Simon Steur). Ercola, Heikki L
  18. 2017 Supernatural (Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris Extended Mix). Soulbeats, Majuri
  19. 2008 Say a Little (Raul Rincon Peaktime Remix). Francesco Diaz, Karl Frierson        
  20. 2016 Say a Little Prayer (Miguel Picasso Remix). Guy Scheiman & Katherine Ellis
  21. 2002 Say a Little Prayer (Gettin' Over You Mix). The 1,2,3,4s
  22. 2018 At Night (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix). Shakedown, Purple Disco Machine




For the Love of You” from D’Moov, one of my favourite all time melody and the lyrics (see intro) just sums it up “All we need is candle lights and a song, soft and long”. 

D’Moov is Doruk Ozlen, Miami based Dj/Producer. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey




In Praise of the Sun” perfect chilled out number I had to download from the dark web, as unavailable on any legal download site.Mr. Joshua is a Brian Higgins and Nick Coler project.

They collaborated with Vanessa Quiñones and Nick Bracegirdle aka Chicane on "In Praise Of The Sun/Toujours Le Soleil" and produced a couple tracks for Saint Etienne on Finisterre.



Make Your Move” from Croatia Squad. Had to have a Croatian track in there. It's the art of sensitive noise, subtle sounds and beats in order to make it a musical experience for every listener. 'Croatia Squad' is some of Switzerland's most wanted and respected deep house and nu disco producer.




Feel Alright”, Tony S, a prolific and established producer within the Deep House

scene, steps forward to make his debut with SuperDuperSoul with this laid back groove entitled 'Feel Alright'. On remix duties, the ever-talented Ross Couch.




Most probably there will not be a part 4 of ’From the Beach to the Dancefloor” as I feel like doing something a little bit less sugary.


Final tonight


A bientôt



July 09, 2018 06:00 AM PDT

2018 July Departures: From the Beach to the Dance Floor Pt2

Connection: Paris


Eclectic Summer Beach and Chilled Progressive House for those just about to head North.


Second Part: it took me 30 minutes to get into the proper groove. But I promise, there is ample reward thereafter.




  1. 2010 For an Angel (Saltas Cala Tarida Remix) (hearthis.at). PVD, Mike Salta           
  2. 2018 Because I Knew Ft Emily Cook (Est8 Mix). Spiritchaser, Est8, Emily Cook
  3. 2017 It's Too Late (Klein Aber Fein Allstars 2017 Edit). Jay Santi, Klein Aber Fein Allstars
  4. 2017 The Love Forever (Original Mix). Kevin McKay
  5. 2018 I Heard You Calling (Art of Tones Remix).  Sebb Junior, Art of Tones
  6. 2017 Lost in Aegean (Stan Kolev Remix). Omar Gharbi, Stan Kolev
  7. 2017 I Mei Pensieri (Radio Version). Ted Peters & Gianni De Santis
  8. 2018 At Night (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix). Shakedown, Purple Disco Machine
  9. 2017 Hold Tight (Original Mix). DJ GetDown, Charles J
  10. 2017 Hold Me Close (Original Club Mix). MING, Game Chasers
  11. 2018 Feel My Needs (Original Mix). Weiss (UK)
  12. 2018 Can't Get Enough! (Angelo Ferreri Extended Sweety Remix). Soulsearcher, Angelo Ferreri
  13. 2018 Never Be Alone (SoulLab Vocal Remix). Sebb Junior, Tasha LaRae, SoulLab
  14. 2105 High (Twism & B3rao Sunset Mix). Twism, B3RAO, Wayne G, Peyton
  15. 2017 Little Love 2017 (Lucius Lowe Remix). Leisuregroove, Lucius Lowe
  16. 2018 Pick Up (Single). DJ Koze
  17. 2018 Jackie's Groove (Original Mix). Shane D
  18. 2014 Love Commandments (Twilo Edit). Gisele Jackson, Louie Balo Guzman, Danny Tenaglia
  19. 2015 Two Sides (Est8 Deep Earth Mix). Est8, Spiritchaser, Emily Cook




“Feel My Needs” from Weiss, “Because I Knew” another great collaboration between Emily Cook and Spiritchaser and “Never be Alone” winning entry of a remix contest.

And for those with keen ears, try to spot the melody line in the first rack.. Will bring oyu back 20 years.


Will be back with Part 3 which should be more fun and uplifting shortly.


A bientôt



July 06, 2018 06:23 AM PDT

2018 July One Kiss... Many Flavours

A 15 minutes Xtian's edit of One Kiss.. House, Progressive, Trance, Dance... Unashamedly Commercial! I could not sleep one night and wanted to do something just fun.

Will be back soon.


June 12, 2018 05:02 AM PDT

2018 June Departures: From the Beach to the Dancefloor Pt.1


Eclectic Summer Beach and Chilled Progressive House for those just about to head North.


Should be very easy listening, meant to accompany you from the Beach to the Dancefloor, nothing confronting in this one.


First part of a trilogy.




  1. 2008 Silence (Acoustic Mix). Delerium, Sarah McLachlan
  2. 2011 Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Version). Escort, Greg Wilson
  3. 2017 Twist in My Sobriety (Extended Mix). Microwave Monkeys, Nita
  4. 2015 Fuck Music (Original Mix). Kapote
  5. 2018 Daft Disco (Extended Mix). Sounds of Summer
  6. 2017 Rapture (Wolf Krew Remix). Mat Hold, Wolf Krew
  7. 2018 Deep Sax (Original Mix). Tonystar, Syntheticsax
  8. 2016 Turn Me On (Original Mix). Terry Lex
  9. 2018 How Deep Is Your Relax (Xtian Mashup Edit). Calvin Harris vs. Lika Morgan 
  10. 2016 Make Your Move (Original Mix). Croatia Squad, Lika Morgan
  11. 2018 Musical Freedom (Paul Lock Remix). Pray for More, Barbara Douglas, Paul Lock       
  12. 2018 The Rhythm (Original Mix). Micky More, Andy Tee, Roland Clark
  13. 2018 Can't Get Enough (Original Mix). Serge Funk
  14. 2018 Promise Me (Original Mix). Husky
  15. 2018 Can't Get Enough! (Illyus & Barrentos Extended Last Boogie Mix). Soulsearcher, Illyus & Barrientos
  16. 2018 M.I.A. (Original Mix). Samuele Sartini, Smashing Beat
  17. 2018 Down (Original Mix). Shane D
  18. 2018 Hallelujah Anyway (Dr Packer Extended Remix). Candi Staton, Dr Packer
  19. 2018 Love on My Mind (Extended Mix). Kevin McKay, CASSIMM
  20. 2018 Superlovin (Original Mix). Mark Funk, Danny Cruz
  21. 2017 Nobody's House (Original Mix). Dance Armstrong




Check out the Calvin vs Lika mashup!


A bientôt




April 13, 2018 09:14 AM PDT

2018 April For the Mindful Soul


Persevering in the soulful genre. Give this upload a try! Soulful indeed but also funky, sexy and surprisingly current as well.


Always a challenge to find current soulful tracks and put a playlist together, which is both consistent, relevant and without two many old tunes. But I could feel this one was flowing my end.


Somewhat it is a mini Marc Evans tribute… Best living original artist, creator and vocalist in the soulful genre. Embodies the soulful sound as far as I am concern and could very well be the Barry White of this century.





  1. 2018 One Religion (Original Mix). YAX.X, Zawdi MC
  2. 2017 You Change My World (Jamie Lewis Classic Vocal Mix) [Xtian Serenity Edit]. Jamie Lewis, Marc Evans
  3. 2018 Sky High (Melvin Gentry & DJ Spen Remix) . Doug Lazy, DJ Spen, Melvin Gentry
  4. 2018 Never Be Alone (Original Extended Mix). Sebb Junior, Tasha LaRae
  5. 2017 Ready for Your Love (Angelo Ferreri Remix) [Xtian This is Edit]. Husky, Kadija Kamara, Angelo Ferreri         
  6. 2017 Something About You (Steven Stone Remix). The Love Club, Steven Stone
  7. 2018 Larry's Jam (Cleptomaniacs Mix) [Xtian House Thing Edit]. John Julius Knight, Cleptomaniacs
  8. 2017 Can U Feel It. John Julius Knight
  9. 2018 Live Your Life (MoD Disco Re-Touch). Diva Avari, The French House Mafia, MoD
  10. 2018 Anything About You (Proper Extended Remix). Yotto, You Are Me, CAPS, Eric Kupper, Kenny Summit
  11. 2017 Yes It Was (Original Mix). Makito
  12. 2017 Four Letter Word (Soul) (Original Mix). Block & Crown
  13. 2018 This Ain't Freedom (Extended Mix). LIIFE, Roland Clark
  14. 2018 I Just Can't (Original Mix). Hatiras, Lee Wilson
  15. 2017 Magazzini Generali (Original mix). Popcorn Poppers
  16. 2018 Show Me a Sign (Mr. Bords Vox Club Mix). Mix2inside, Zahra
  17. 2017 In the Air (Original Mix). Reza
  18. 2017 Enough (Michele Chiavarini Remix). Steven Stone, Marc Evans, Michele Chiavarini




Marc Evans’ “You Change My World” the very sort of jam, which reunites me with the genre.




“Four Letter Word” from Block & Crown. Love the energy, the authentic production, current soulful but totally immersed in the origins of the sound.



“One Religion” from Dutch producer YAX.X should become a House anthem for the tribal beats and the lyrics!



“Never Be Alone” chill beach house combining great production, melody and a great vocalist with Tasha LaRae.



“Larry's Jam” and “Can U Feel It”. Not sure if I love those tunes because of my edits (would be a sad thing) or because they sound sexy and fresh yet completely house authentic… I definitively would dance to that. John Julius Knight .. house music royalty.




“Yes it Was” from Makito.. Some won’t like it but just for the organ... sweet!



 “This Ain’t Freedom”, sounds like a blast from the past and yet current. Roland Clark on the buns.. Love it!




“Enough” Marc Evans again but a lot of personal stuff emerging in this one.. Steven Stone a producer of immense talent.


A bientôt



April 06, 2018 01:03 PM PDT

2018 April For the Soulful Mind


More often than not I am currently not really feeling the soulful genre, but here is one, very current and somewhat lighter given the mood of what I have uploaded recently.

Enough funk, beats and bass to make it bouncy and sexy as the set unfolds. 




  1. 2017 You Gotta Be (DJ Spen’s Gotta Be Housed Mix). S.E.L, DJ Spen
  2. 2012 Confused (Husky's RSR Disco Rub). Random Soul
  3. 2018 Can't Shake It Off (Original). Husky, Nat Conway          
  4. 2018 Can't Get Enough (Original Mix). Serge Funk
  5. 2017 Feel Good (Sax Mix). HP Vince
  6. 2017 Caught Up (Steven Stone Remix). Meital De Razon, Asi Tal, Steven Stone
  7. 2018 Never Be Alone (Sebb Junior & DJ Spen Dirty Disco Mix). Sebb Junior, Tasha LaRae, DJ Spen
  8. 2018 Hipcats (Extended Mix). ATFC, David Penn
  9. 2018 Keep Going (JERK InThe Box Remix). Rocco Careri, Arturo Macchiavelli, Ellice, JERK InThe Box
  10. 2018 Faded (Sandy Rivera Classic Mix.  Kings of Tomorrow, Kandace Springs
  11. 2017 Summertime (Original Mix). Milk & Sugar
  12. 2018 Don't You Worry (Club Mix). The Joi-Fuhl, ShezAr
  13. 2018 Live Your Life (Samy K & Francesco Soares Remix). Diva Avari, The French House Mafia, Samy K, Francesco Soares
  14. 2012 4 The Love of House (Original Mix). Abel Ray, Alex Drake        




Spen’s “You Gotta Be” nice vocal hook and the perfect production DJ Spen’s always delivers. Husky’s R&B sounding “Can’t Sahke it Off” with the amazing vocals of Nathalie Conway.

I love “Hipcats” from ATFC at the border of Soul/Funk and Tech House. 

The new KOT jam, Rivera and KOT never disappoint.


Internet resources:


DJ Spen: every time I see him live, I am reminded that he is one of the House masters. Great producers spanning over most House genres.




Random Soul, Husky: Random Soul is the musical collaboration of Australian DJ/Producers, Yogi & Husky. You can’t help but be captivated by their music, which oozes soul, jazz, and funk including the supreme vocal stylings of Yogi himself.




Nathalie Conway: great Australian vocalist. Expect the unexpected with Natalie Conway: The golden girl with a powerful voice that defies her small frame, leaving frenzied audiences hypnotized in her wake. Recognizable by her distinctive sultry tone, her vocal ability encompasses past eras of Soul and Jazz, infused with a sweeter taste of more modern RnB and Pop.



ATFC:Anyone who maintains a profile at the level and length of time Aydin has is truly world class. He has an ability to adapt his style, to stay relevant without compromising his sound. A true house Don!




Milk & Sugar:  German house music producers and record label owners (based in Spain) Mike Milk (real name, Michael Kronenberger) and Steven Sugar (real name, Steffen Harding). 



French House Mafia: iSnce 2008, French House Mafia is a french team dedicated to DJ's, clubbers and all the House music lovers. Quality..


March 24, 2018 11:14 PM PDT

2018 March You Work Hard for Your Enemy Pt.2


Second part of the HKG sets, similar mood similar vibe. Deep, Dark, Progressive yet with higher BPM and the tail end of the set is a bit more fun.




  1. 2017 You Work Hard for Your Enemy (Funkerman Remix).  Sandy Rivera, Funkerman
  2. 2017 Almost Home (Melosense Extended Remix) [Xtian Edit]. Nadia Ali, Iro, Sultan + Shepard
  3. 2017 Gorecki (Dezza Remix).  Chicane
  4. 2016 Shelter for Kate. Guy Preston
  5. 2016 Moving on Up (Legendary Boy & Liva K). Discorocks, Naika
  6. 2018 8 Bit Era (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Extended Remix) [Xtian Edit]. Eelke Kleijn, Nick Warren, Nicolas Rada
  7. 2018 Broken Arrow (Jelly for the Babies Remix) [Xtian Edit]. Modeplex
  8. 2017 White Walls (Extended Mix) [Xtian Edit]. Gabriel & Dresden, Sub Teal
  9. 2017 Eternity (Original Mix). Sante Cruze
  10. 2016 Let the Music Play (Original Mix). Chris Rockford, Phil Dinner
  11. 2016 Avocado (Cabriolet Paris Remix). Steve Brian
  12. 2017 Royale (Tommyboy Remix). Agebeat   
  13. 2018 Black Hole (Extended Vocal Mix). LTN, Arielle Maren, Stendahl
  14. 2015 Bridge (Chicane Rework). Jody Wisternoff
  15. 2017 I Feel Love (Illyus & Barrientos Remix - Radio Edit). MYNC, Rhythm Masters, Wynter Gordon, Illyus & Barrientos
  16. 2017 Forever Young (Original Mix). Luca Debonaire, Kaippa
  17. 2016 Forever Young (Club Mix). Cheetoz, Ivan Deyanov, Zoey Jones
  18. 2015 Hold that Sucker Down (Jerome Isma - Ae's 10 Year Anniversary Mix). Jerome Isma-Ae
  19. 2014 Still with Me (feat. Bo Bruce) [Van Hoog Edit]. Chicane          
  20. 2010 Twilight (Ten Years of Extended Mix). Adam K, Soha  
  21. 2017 Twilight vs Breathe (Matthew Steeper Club Edit). Adam K, Soha, Matthew Steeper, HALIENE



“Gorecki” Chicane’s take on an old classic. Took me some time to warm up to it but I am there.


Links to Artists:

















A bientôt.



March 12, 2018 06:36 PM PDT

2018 March Work Hard for Your Enemy Pt.1


In Hong Kong for a short visit, always conducive to a bit of mixing and edits.




  1. 2016 Work Hard for Your Enemy (Extended Mix) [Xtian The Source Edit]. Sandy Rivera
  2. 2018 Late (Short Edit)[Xtian I’m Human Rework]. Tontario 
  3. 2017 Far Away Place (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) [Xtian Human Edit]. Xinobi
  4. 2017 Gorecki (Extended Mix). Chicane         
  5. 2018 For All Time (Extended Mix) [Xtian Redlights Edit]. Jody Wisternoff, Hendrik Burkhard
  6. 2018 Delta (Original Mix). Ziger, Blusoul
  7. 2013 Ringo (Radio Edit). Joris Voorn
  8. 2018 Don’t Miss (Armen Miran Remix). Jinadu, Fake Mood
  9. 2018 Right Here Right Now (CamelPhat Remix). Fatboy Slim
  10. 2018 Set Me Fee (Zsak Radio Mix). Crazibiza, Sante Cruze
  11. 2015 Got the Love (Sante Cruze Remix). Crazibiza, DragonFly         
  12. 2008 Angel on My Shoulder (EDXs Belo Horizonte At Night Remix). Kaskade, Tamra Keenan
  13. 2017 Remember (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix). Eleven.Five & Arielle Maren
  14. 2018 Insomnia (Original Mix) [Xtian Godly Edit]. Andrew Meller


Would be a long story but the title and mood of the set should say it all.


Deep, Dark & Progressive. Introspective & Aggressive. As I have just written long story and I am far from being done.


This being said, it is a good, current and solid set You really should download and keep this one for a rainy day.



The Sandy Rivera’s title track. I heard it first live in Melbourne when the man himself came about 6 months ago. He was “trying” the track before the European season.. Instant hit!

 The two underground tracks “Delta” and “Don’t Miss”, great tribal beats and live guitar and some ethnicity on top. Ziger & Blusoul are from Athens. Another pair of great Greek Progressive producers. As for Jinadu and Fake Mood, could not find a lot of info on the former but Fake Mood are a duo of two great musicans Viktor Petrov and Dmitry Kokhan based in Saint-Petersburg.

As for the last track “Insomnia”. Had a bit of a play with it but respect for Andrew Meller because it takes guts to try refitting such a Trance/Prog classic. fitting close for this set.





Will post Part 2 shortly, enjoy this one.


A bientôt



December 06, 2017 01:11 AM PST

2017 Dec Jus’ Dance


Preparing for a party and selected those tunes for a sexy house get it down hour.


Won't be the exact playlist for the night (for those intending to come) but set should give you a taste of what to expect.


All about the beats and the bass. 




  1. 2015 Jus’ Dance (Dario D'Attis Remix). Mr. V
  2. 2017 That Groove (Husky's BHM Mix). Cimieon, Marck Jamz, Husky
  3. 2017 Get into the Dub. ATFC 
  4. 2016 Rapture (Andrey Exx Mix). Andrey Exx, Elis M. Feeling, Mary Irene
  5. 2017 Cola (Mousse T.'s Glitterbox Mix). CamelPhat, Elderbrook, Mousse T.
  6. 2017 My House (Greco NYC Remix). Low Steppa, Mr. V, Greco (NYC)
  7. 2017 My Way (Husky's BHM Deluxe Edit. Bonetti, Rescue Poetix, Husky
  8. 2017 Straight On (Original Mix). SAMO
  9. 2017 I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Club Mix). Andrea Marchesini, Norah Grey
  10. 2017 Saxomatic (Original Mix). Crazibiza
  11. 2016 Pump the Bass (Original Mix). Styline, Mr. V
  12. 2016 So Many Times Feat. Monika Kiss (Original Mix). Phil Daras, Vicente Ferrer, Victor Perez, Monika Kiss
  13. 2016 Beat Back (Dario's 'Future Funk' Mix). Dario Rodriguez & Mr. V Feat. Mr. V, Dario Rodriguez, Mr. V
  14. 2010 Billie Jean (DJ Fudge & Danny Marquez Radio Edit). Rocco, Danny Marquez, DJ Fudge
  15. 2010 Lmaoblade (Original Club Mix). Funkagenda


Shoutout to an immense Australian talent: Husky from Random Soul fame.


December 05, 2017 02:20 AM PST

Dec 2017 Rebooting from the Deep End (Black Voices Matter)


Not for everyone, East Coast Deep House or as close as you will get from me in the genre.


Should you not like NYC, Chicago or Detroit Deep House stay clear of this one but if you are curious, surrender to the groove, it is half decent.




  1. 2017 Higher (Marques Wyatt & Gabriel Rene AquaDEEP Mix). Groove Junkies, Scott K., Indeya, Marques Wyatt, Gabriel Rene
  2. 2017 It Can Be (East Mix). Sean McCabe, Mr. V
  3. 2017 The Believe (Original Mix). Genetic Funk, Mr V
  4. 2017 Misunderstood (Stripped & Salty Vocal. Miguel Migs, Coco Bonne
  5. 2017 The House Music Track. FCL, Lady Linn, Gustaph
  6. 2017 The Energy of The Room (Joeski Remix). Nightsteppaz, Roland Clark, Joeski
  7. 2017 Gypsy Woman (Richey Profond Remix). Crystal Waters, Richey Profond
  8. 2017 Baby Tell Me. Fish Go Deep
  9. 2015 Origins of House (Original Mix). Terry Lex, Gianni N
  10. 2017 In My House (Plaster Hands Killer Edit). Tommy Vee, Mr V., Plaster Hands Killer Edit
  11. 2013 The End (Oliver $ Back to Skool Mix). Chris Minus, Mr. V
  12. 2017 The Statement (The Black 80s Mix). Jon Cutler, Eman, The Black 80s
  13. 2016 For the Love (Remixed) (DJ Jayms Remix). Waxcraft, Kitebeak, DJ Jayms
  14. 2012 Gettin' High (Original Main Mix). Mr. V, OVEOUS


Shout out for one of my all-time fav, Mr. V from Sole Channel Music




Mr V’s bio: https://www.traxsource.com/artist/1119/mr-v


House is a Journey

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