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House is a Journey
It's House ... but with a French Touch
Category: House
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December 06, 2019 09:17 PM PST

2019 Dec In the Dead of Night


For the night owls! Semi ambient, dark progressive house. Darker tunes, darker tones


Woke up in the middle of night, could not sleep and set Traktor to play 2015 to 2019 Dark Progressive tunes between 119 to 123 bpm. A.I. generated playlist!


Mixing is not A.I. Cool




  1. 2015 Shined on Me (DJ Daso vs. Jean Aita Remix). Giorgio Sainz, Night Owl, Pesos, Lili (PL), DJ Daso, Jean Aita
  2. 2015 Dedicated (Original Mix). Nico Stojan, Iannis Ritter
  3. 2019 Fraction (Baltra Remix). Baltra, Haulm
  4. 2019 Gravity (Original Mix vs. The Journey Remix)). Sharam Jey, Betoko, Ashibah
  5. 2015 No Fear (Original Mix). Ken Hayakawa
  6. 2019 All I’ve Got (Gorje Hewek Izhevski Remix). Rüfüs Du Sol
  7. 2019 Particles (Original Mix). HRRSN, Pølaroit
  8. 2017 No Reason (Original Mix). Bonobo, Nick Murphy, Chet Faker
  9. 2015 Voices (Bruno Be Zeppeliin Remix). Vintage Culture, Earstrip & Torha, Ellie Ka
  10. 2019 Follow Me (Extended Mix). Marsh, Mimi Page, Nox Vahn
  11. 2017 Fuse (Eelke Kleijn Extended Remix). Shelter Point
  12. 2018 Samsahra (Extended Mix). Freya [CH]
  13. 2012 From Russia with Love (Ambient Mix). Matt Darey




“Gravity” from Sharam Jey. Ascending keys, impeccable production, haunting atmosphere all things to expected by the master Sharam Jey. Iranian DJ and producer who lives in Germany.





“Particles” from HRRSN and Pølaroit. Chilled Progressive, somewhat sad but truly lovely tune. HRRSN, young germen producer, very talented.




A bientôt



November 08, 2019 04:47 AM PST

TranceMission “The Final Cut” Pt.2 (Life Happens)


Balearic Progressive Trance with once again a pretty current playlist of tunes I had never used except for a few of my classics which belonged in a testimonial upload. Fitting for what could be my last upload for a while. Lars this one is for you!


As the title says “Life Happens” and life has not been too kind for the last two years. This place is my solace and sanctuary and Trance is my therapy.


Riding that wave again for 122 to 138 bpm and back. Balearic Trance but for most real Trance for EDM music lover only. Set ended up being 2 hours and 12 minutes. Indulgent but so be it if it is my last.





  1. 2019 Those Were the Days (R Plus Beach Remix). Dido, R Plus        
  2. 2010 Shine on Girl me (Bsh Mashup). Bsharry, Yves Larock & Tony Sylla vs. Tara McDonald vs. Praise Cats
  3. 2011 You Got to Go (feat. Zoe Johnston). Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston
  4. 2016 We Can Be (Original Mix). Chris Bekker, Tricia McTeague
  5. 2017 Yamana (Extended Mix). Joonas Hahmo, K-System
  6. 2019 Immerse (Extended Mix). The Thrillseekers, Factor B
  7. 2019 The Longest Road to The Ground (Extended Mix). Morgan Page, Lissie, Matt Fax     
  8. 2017 The Story of Your Heart (Extended Mix). 4 Strings, Katty Heath
  9. 2017 Spectrum (Original Mix). Jeremy Vancaulart
  10. 2019 Scary Jerry (Original Mix). Jeremy Vancaulart
  11. 2008 Your Loving Arms (Club Mix). Karen Overton   
  12. 2018 Trippin' (Extended Mix). Alaia & Gallo, Dames Brown
  13. 2019 Here We Go Again (Original Mix). Alex Greenhouse, Julia Cage, SULTVN
  14. 2019 There for You (Terrace Dub vs Extended Mix). MK, Gorgon City         
  15. 2019 Something Somewhere (Extended Mix). Jeremy Vancaulart, Natalie Major
  16. 2010 Back & Forth (Eric Chase Remix) [Xtian House Edit]. Fedde Le Grand, Mr. V, Eric Chase
  17. 2018 Memories (Extended Mix) [Xtian Univinted Mash]. Higher State Of Trance
  18. 2015 Life Happens (Original Mix). Denise Rivera, Ramon Vincent
  19. 2019 Make It Home Tonight (BE Remix) [Xtian Love Edit]. Kyau & Albert, Jeza Larsson
  20. 2012 Going Deep (Moogmonkey Remix vs Original vs. VillaNaranjos Remix) [Xtian’s Stash Edit]. Chicane
  21. 2018 Pjanoo (2018 Remix). The Allstars
  22. 2019 We Are The Universe (Extended Mix) [Xtian Universal Edit]. Ilan Bluestone, EL Waves
  23. 2015 Insomnia 2.0 (Avicii Extended Remix) [Xtian Final Edit]. Faithless, Avicii




I have always loved Dido, therefore highlighting “Those Were the Days


As to the last track “Insomnia”, there because I love Faithless, as a memento for Avicii and because it embodies the crossover between House & Trance.


I let you discover the rest. Take your time as it is a long set, but there are some real gems in there. Find them!



October 29, 2019 03:32 AM PDT

Trance Mission “The Final Cut Pt.1” (Let Go)

Fusion of (mostly) current higher bpm Trance and Progressive house. Set was originally 02:30:00 hours, thought I would spare you the massive data charge and cut it in two parts.

Mostly Trance I have never used before meshed with a few of my classics. Are you ready for it? Most probably not!

I hesitate to call it Trance as it is meant to be fusing Trance and House into Trouse. Yet, the set is well within the Trance realm going from 122 bpm to 134 riding that emotional wave up and down, with highs and lows, builds and drops, bridges and precipices… as a journey into Trance should be.

There is nothing harder (at least for me) than to mix a decent Trance set. The bpm range mostly disallow beat synch and every track needs to be worked and properly cued. Furthermore, it needs a structure and needs length to cover all the emotions of a good trance roller coaster.

Finally, finding good, non-insipidly commercial Trance requires a lot of crate digging if ones wishes not to repeat every time the same classics. Anthems as they may be, they also need a rest!

Anyhow, here we are, possibly the last chapters of the Trance Mission. It is a very post-produced set. There was hardly anything live about it! I do hope you will enjoy it and Spotify the new tracks or, here is a novel idea, actually BUY THEM!


One warning. I get a lot of comments, both positive and negative on the accapellas add-ins. Well, it is my quirk and my creative signature, for better or worse.


Playlist :


  1. 2010 Sax (Yasmin Le Bon vs. Simon Steur Remix) [Xtian Soul of a DJ Edit]. Ercola, Heikki L, Roland Clark
  2. 2018 Moonlight (Arron D Remix) [Xtian Difference Made Edit]. Alex Greenhouse, Arron D, Mr. V.
  3. 2018 Spectrum (Say My Name) (Taito Tikaro and Flavio Zarza Remix) [Xtian Lil’Diff Edit]. Florence + The Machine, Roubs
  4. 2017 Let Go (Extended Mix). Holly Drummond, Jeremy Vancaulart
  5. 2016 London Sunrise (Original Mix). Chris Bekker, Farius
  6. 2017 Just to Hear (Extended Mix). Denis Kenzo, Sveta B.
  7. 2016 Sunshine Blue (Original Mix) [Xtian Liberate Edit]. Denis Kenzo, Sveta B.
  8. 2014 All the Little Things (Original Mix). The Thrillseekers, Sam Mitcham
  9. 2010 Nana (Jerome IsmaAe Remix) [Xtian Can’t F@ck Edit]. Orkidea       
  10. 2008 Nothing Remains the Same (Ercola Remix) [Xtian Mindfulness Edit]. San, Roubs
  11. 2008 Angel On My Shoulder (EDX’s Belo Horizonte At Night Remix) [Xtian Difference Made Edit]. Kaskade, Tamra Keenan
  12. 2008 Under the Stars (Original Mix) [Xtian Difference Anyway Edit]. TyDi, Mr V., Candi Staton
  13. 2012 Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal) [Xtian SpeedUp Edit]. Candi Staton
  14. 2010 Waves of Change (Kaskade Extended Remix). Samantha James
  15. 2015 Hold That Sucker Down (Jerome Isma-Ae’s 10 Year Anniversary Mix) [Xtian Epic House Edit]. Jerome Isma-Ae, Roland Clark




I will only mention the new tunes.

Sax” from Ercola. Sax, Trance and House… Nice trio if you ask me. Thought it would be a good track to open the set. Mashed up 2 different remixes to have a slow soulful break in the middle. Veikka Erkola is a Finnish producer, songwriter and engineer.


Moonlight” from Alex Greenhouse. Aleksandr Pletnev, a multi-genre musician from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. A slow driving progressive trance track, to bridge the set into Trance. Seems my edit has hit some buttons as I have had request for the edit file. I love what I did with the track, very much in my zone.



The Florence +The Machines anthem “Spectrum (Say My Name)”. A new remix, with grit and chops, which starts the journey into high bpm Trance.  Could not find much on the two remixers: Taito Tikaro and Flavio Zarza.


Let Go” with Holly Drummond on vocals and Jeremy Vancaulart. Classic Trance track, with the drop and builds and all the trimmings of the genre. I would get off with this track, if heard full blast. And the little piano bridge is delightful.

Holly Drummond is a Scottish singer and songwriter. Her voice is poised, warm and never pushed out of range. Jeremy Vancaulart, Canadian from Toronto, producing Trance music that is deep, complex, expressive and impactful.





Just to Hear” and “Sunshine Blue” Denis Kenzo, Sveta B. Two lovely little trance/progressive sugary tracks. For some it might be too commercial and sugary…but I like my Trance with melodic moments and Sveta B. voice is heavenly. For me, the tunes would be fitting for those moments, where the wave is overpowering and one needs a “rest”. Could see myself, just hardly dancing but with a massive grin on my face.

Born in Khabarovsk, Russia, Denis Kenzo (Denis Pisarev) is a DJ and music producer, who is well known in the trance music scene. He was a former member of musical duo Two&One.  Some of his compositions are recorded with the participation of his wife Svetlana Pisareva (Sveta B.) His label has been picked up by Armada.






All the Little Things” from the Thrillseekers. Full on 135 bpm Trance, with the trance vocal, the drop, the build… Classic! The Thrillseekers need no introduction. But if you do not like this track. You just do not like Trance.. which is OK but your loss J.

Steve Helstrip, known by the stage name The Thrillseekers, is an English DJ and record producer. His debut single was "Synaesthesia", released in 1999… Yes, THAT Trance classic!



Nana” from Orkidea courtesy for Jerome Isma-Ae. THE TRACK OF THE SET! Tribal, Psy-Trance and House. A good Trance needs ONE massive track, which sets ravers off, the “rush” track and “Nana” is such a tune. The track, which will define Final Cut Pt.1.

Tapio Hakanen, better known by his stage name DJ Orkidea (predominantly shortened to Orkidea), is a Finnish electronic music artist. DJ Orkidea has been one of Scandinavia’s top DJs for over 10 years. DJ Orkidea was employed as a sound design manager at Nokia Corporation. Not introducing German Producer Jerome Isma-Ae, as he is a regular here.





Under the Stars” from Tydi. I need to bring it down and it is a nice bridge track. Mashed it up with “Hallelujah Anyway” Candi Staton soulful house anthem.  Actually, not unhappy with my effort but then… I “had” to mix it with a sped up version of the classic and pure Trance goers might disapprove and I am not totally sold on this track in the middle of a Trance set. This being said was quite proud of myself with the mashup, hence the Larse remix drop.

“Angel on My Shoulder” and “Waves of Change” two of my progressive trance faves and there had to be a couple!

Hold That Sucker Down”, from the aforementioned Jerome Isma-Ae. Pure Trance/Prog big pad anthem, edited and as far as I am concerned, the perfect track to both close the set, bring you up, give you the tingles and goose bumps and define what Trouse is for me. Trance indeed.. but with soul!


I will be back soon with TranceMission Pt.2

Hope you enjoy it.


A bientôt.



October 14, 2019 01:54 AM PDT

TranceFusion (Empty Streets)


Balearic Progressive Trance. First track "Empty Streets" is only a teaser. You WILL get a double dose of new Empty Streets remixes at the end of the set .. But you have to EARN IT! smiley


Slowly re-embarking on the Trance voyage. I realized I had not uploaded "new Trance" since the beginning 2016. Starting here at the confine of Progressive and Trance. What prompted the change of mindset?


Two reasons:

  • I looked at "House is a Journey" Spotify plays and was surprised that all the Trance uploads are getting large numbers of plays.
  • Lars, a follower from way back, had requested some new Trance tunes. "Lars, I have another episode of Trance Mission lined up after this one. Pure Trance, Ganz für Dich, bitte warte eine woche!"


Good Trance tracks, at least within what I find tolerable for 80 minutes, are few and far between! Either it is insipid commercial Trance or 138 bpm frantic tunes I really cannot listen to for that long.

Yet, between some remixed or re-edited classics and enough new tunes, I can comfortably go back to the Trance, mix new and old and proudly keep the flame lit.

Set started to overrun the 80 minutes format and I will post a follow-up pure Trance Mission episode in the next few weeks.

It will mark the end of Progressive House and Trance for a little while! Most probably will go deep or soulful.


In the meantime get some glow sticks, get sorted, put the proper gear on and embark!




  1. 2019 Empty Streets (Lumisade Extended Balearic Mix) [Xtian Space Disco Edit]. Late Night Alumni
  2. 2015 Peace of Mind (Thomas Schwartz Fausto Fanizza Remix). Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston
  3. 2019 Patience (Mees Salome Remix). Seth Schwarz, Die Ruhe    
  4. 2016 La Guitarra (Original Mix) [Xtian Ones You Love Edit]. Katrin Souza
  5. 2016 Heart Call (Original Mix) [Xtian DJ Soul Edit]. Jennifer Rene, Solid Stone
  6. 2015 The Bridge feat (Chicane Rework) [Xtian Beginning Edit]. Jody Wisternoff, Sian Evans
  7. 2015 London (Max Freegrant Remix). Las Salinas
  8. 2018 Breathe (Eric Prydz Remix). CamelPhat, Jem Cooke, Cristoph
  9. 2015 Only in a Dream (Chris Bekker Remix). Paul van Dyk, Jessus, Adham Ashraf, Tricia McTeague
  10. 2010 Searching for a Memory (Sundriver Vocal Mix). Mango, Aeron Aether, Civil Servants
  11. 2014 More (Extended Mix) [Xtian Source Edit]. Tess, Ad Brown
  12. 2019 Empty Streets (Lumisade Balearic vs. ALPHA 9 Extended Remix). Late Night Alumni
  13. 2017 Montage (Mistika Extended Signature Mix) [Xtian Space Disco Edit]. Late Night Alumni



Two new remixes of Late Night Alumni’s classic “Empty Steets”. “Patience” from Mees Salomé and from CamelPhat “Breathe”.


A bientôt



October 09, 2019 03:17 AM PDT

2019 Oct 浦西 Puxi Progressions


Apologies had to take it down and re-upoload as version was not final one.


Buyers beware! Set may start Dark & Progressive but you will end up straight on the dance floor..


The counterpoint of Pudong Progressions uploaded previously. To a certain extend almost bipolar.


Puxi (浦东) (West of Pu): the “old and traditional” Shanghai, unlike Pudong, Puxi is vibrant, beaming of culture and style. Both hip and representative of the best a very confident China can offer. The place to be and the place to go out and find the best a modern metropolis has to offer. Very cool.


Set got a life of its own as I progressed. Until track 6 “The One You Left Behind” a melodic, dark progressive set and then ... it started building up. I did not realize until it was too late. Very much what Puxi is: elegant and stylish but also vibrant and happening.



  1. 2019 Drift Away (Original Mix) [Xtian !00% House Edit]. Mika Olson
  2. 2015 I Had This Thing (Original Mix). Royksopp
  3. 2019 The Moon (Soul Button Remix). Nick Devon, Soul Button
  4. 2018 Elephant Shunned (Solee Extended Remix). Jan Blomqvist
  5. 2019 The One You Left Behind (SØNIN Extended Mix). Yotto, Vök, SØNIN
  6. 2019 When the Sun Goes Down (Original Mix). Richard Grey, Colla
  7. 2019 Pacific State (Club Mix). Jonathan Ulysses, Peter Brown, House of Virus
  8. 2019 Trippin' (Extended Mix). Alaia & Gallo, Dames Brown
  9. 2019 Hallelujah (Joshwa Remix). David Penn, Kevin McKay, Joshwa (UK)
  10. 2018 Give You (Igor Blaska Remix). Djaimin, Crystal Re-Clear, Igor Blaska
  11. 2019 Move on Down (Jeremy Bass Remix). Ricky Montana, Paolo DB, Jeremy Bass
  12. 2019 I Feel for You (Extended Remix 2019). Bob Sinclar
  13. 2019 You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray Remix). Sylvester, Michael Gray
  14. 2018 Skies The Limit (AM2PM Remix). Stephen Nicholls, AM2PM




“Drift Away” good, solid current progressive house from Mika Olson, a European Deep & Progressive House producer and DJ based in Vietnam.



“I Had This Things” from Royksopp, one of my favourite post Y2K track. Melodic, great male vocalist, perfect production, great lyrics. Top track. Röyksopp are a Norwegian electronic music duo from Tromsø, Troms, formed in 1998. The duo consists of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland.




“Elephant Shunned” from Jan Blomqvist. Could repeat the same comment from above and a massive late 2018 release in the dark progressive realm. Big new talent! Based in Berlin.




The One You Left Behind” from Yotto with Vök on (magnificient locals). Progressive, Balearic, Ambient perfection! One of the most talked about release of 2019 in Progressive House. This is a treat and a pearl! Chicane like.. Yotto, is a Finnish DJ, songwriter, and record producer. Currently residing in Helsinki, Finland.




“When the Sun Goes Down” from Richard Grey. Great semi progressive/trance/dance track. So good that I need to look for remix as the OM I bought is too short! For almost two decades, the legendary DJ and house music producer Richard Grey has created some of the most memorable dance tracks known to man. Originally from France, Richard played a massive part in developing the "French Touch" style in the latter half of the 1990s.



“Skies The Limit”.. AM2PM, it seems that they always creep up in my sets!  Shoutout!

Great British duo, funky, current, fusion of dance, progressive and soulful house.. Pretty much what I love. London based AM2PM is the brainchild of DJ/ producer Matt Kye and vocalist Alec Sun Drae. Their sound is a mix of 90s classics, US Garage and Deep House. With more than 30 years of collective experience in the Club Industry, both Matt and Alec have performed in popular venues both in UK and Europe and have had successful releases in their own rights. I have seen them live.. DO NOT MISS THEM. DJing impeccable but performance was amazing!





A bientôt



October 10, 2019 01:00 PM PDT

2019 Oct 东 Pudong Progressions


Progressive House mostly chilled and non-vocal with a hint of Trance peppered throughout. Very current tunes except a pair of underground classics.


Pudong () (East of Pu): the “new” Shanghai, a glimpse of what the 21st century megapolis will be. Whereas Puxi is vibrant, happening, alive, Pudong feels (I stand to be corrected bu locals) like a magnificent shopfront, built to impress but somewhat stale and lifeless.


Set came about through a rather depressing night looking at the magnificent but sad view from my hotel room.




  1. 2019 Coming Back (Original Mix). Eli & Fur
  2. 2013 Reckless Ardor (Original Mix). EDX
  3. 2019 Shake the Tree (Extended Mix). Simon Field
  4. 2019 Electrico Romantico (SDJM Extended Remix). Bob Sinclar, Robbie Williams, SDJM
  5. 2017 I Can’t Stop It (Extended Mix). Fynn, Andrew Benson
  6. 2018 Chemicals (Original Mix). Yotto
  7. 2019 Little Devious (Original Mix). Dirty South
  8. 2012 H.O.U.S.E (Filipe Narciso's Late Night Remix). Mr. V, Filipe Narciso
  9. 2019 Piano Dance (Original Mix). Huxley, Mr V
  10. 2019 Patience (Mees Salomé Remix). Seth Schwarz, Die Ruhe
  11. 2018 Maybe (Original Mix). Mees Salomé
  12. 2019 Take Me Higher (Studioheist Remix). Matt Prehn, Griffin, Studioheist
  13. 2019 Anthracite (Extended Mix). Lane 8, Tinlicker
  14. 2019 Definition (Ilhan Gumus Remix). Mr. V, Ilhan Gumus
  15. 2019 Trans (Original Mix). Lily Pita


Highlights: I could really list every track in the set. But let’s try to focus on a few.


“Coming Back” from Eli & Fur, it seems every recent upload contains an Eli & Fur tune. British female duo, currently at the very top of Progressive production and song writing.



“Chemicals” from Yotto and “Little Devious” from Dirty South, two gems of productions at the confines of house and trance. 


“Shake the Tree” from Simon Field. From Denmark , 40M streams from Spotify. A producer/DJ to look out for. Did the score from Passengers.




I am often asked about my fixation on Mr V…. Listen to the H.O.U.S.E. remix included in the set. Released in 2012 (!) and you will hear how unique and advanced his production is. Furthermore, he would be one of the few African American accepting of all the genres in house music. Total respect. “H.O.U.S.E”., “Definition” and “Piano Dance” to showcase the breadth of his talent.



“Patience” and “Maybe” featuring Mees Salomé. Massive new talent from the Netherlands. Best to describe what he does as perfectly produced melodic progressive trance.






Trans by female producer/dj Lily Pita. Just the perfect balance of Trance and Progressive.  From Indonesia supported by no less than legend John Digweed. Worth putting your headphones on for this one..






A bientôt from Puxi side



September 27, 2019 02:00 PM PDT

2019 Sept Inwards



For all the night owls out there.


Chilled melodic and mostly current progressive house. A soothing set. Very little vocals, a few challenging tunes both for you, listeners, and for me to find the correct hopefully smooth transitions.


Another set, I will come back to as the vibe is sweet and soft.





  1. 2019 Blue Planet (Extended Mix). Boxer
  2. 2017 Stories Over (Aparde Remix). Jan Blomqvist
  3. 2013 Space Trip (Ian Tosel Remix). Yves Murasca, Axel B.
  4. 2018 This Is My Time (Original Mix). Dino MFU, Mr. V
  5. 2019 Vette (Original Mix). 16BL
  6. 2018 Night Blooming Jasmine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix). Eli & Fur
  7. 2019 Universe (Antrim Remix). Analog Jungs
  8. 2017 De Orde Van De Nacht (Extended Mix). Eelke Kleijn    
  9. 2017 Forever Wandering (Original Mix). Sam Davies
  10. 2016 Ibiza Strings (Solarstone Ambient Mix). Chicane, Solarstone   
  11. 2019 Theory (Original Mix). Rousing House
  12. 2019 Blooming (Extended Mix). Pretty Pink
  13. 2018 Into the Night (Extended Mix). Eli & Fur
  14. 2015 Better Without You (Seal De Green Remix). AM2PM, Seal de Green




“Blue Planet” by Boxer for sure. Had to headline the set! Boxer is a DJ/Producer from the Midlands (UK). Boxer on Spotify:



Not going to write too many words on Mr V. but what he is currently doing, which is to expand his reach to progressive is showing of seminal an artist he is, not pigeonholed in one genre. Mr V. on Spotify;



Again Eli & Fur make it twice with “Night Blooming Jasmine” and “Into the Night. Currently the most consistently prolific in the prog genre. Duo from the UK. Eli & Fur on Spotify:



“Universe” from Analog Jungs. Perfect production very much equal to “Blue Planets” aforementioned. ANALOG JUNGS is a musical project from Córdoba, Argentina,  founded by Claudio Cornejo and Gustavo Ruarte. They have a style that blends Progressive, Tech and Deep House sounds with great versatility and ideal rhythms for the dance floor.

On Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/analog-jungs


A bientôt.



September 23, 2019 03:00 PM PDT

2019 Sept 24th Fractures (It's Not Right But It's Okay)


Harder set (well, harder for me..). I may lose some listeners along the way but try to stay with me, you will back in familiar territory in the second part of the set.

Sexy Progressive, sexy, heavy beats NYC underground house to start with fused with with higher BPM European Prog/Trance.

Truly outside of my BPM comfort zone, ranging from 128 to 138.. I rarely top 128 BPM!

Much grittier, harder and more "aggresive" set than my usual fare.Introspective, some may smile  but I don’t. It reflects my mood. No sugar here..


Music is my sanctuary, currently the only one.





  1. 2018 It's Not Right, but It's Okay (Original Mix). Phunkee Beach, Andrea Giuditta, Tiarè   
  2. 2019 Free Your Mind (Luca Debonaire Remix). Soulvation, Mr. V, Luca Debonaire
  3. 2019 On My Mind (Original Mix). Siege, Dan Diamond         
  4. 2008 The Deejay’s an Alien (Rocco Remix). David Harness, Roland Clark, Rocco Rodamaal
  5. 2019 Breathe (Eric Prydz Remix). CamelPhat, Jem Cooke, Cristoph
  6. 2010 Back & Forth (Eric Chase Remix). Fedde Le Grand, Mr. V, Eric Chase
  7. 2016 The Rush (Richy Ahmed Remix). Infinity Ink, Mr. V, Richy Ahmed
  8. 2018 How We Do It (Original Mix). RoulnDoors & Mr. V, RoulnDoors, Mr. V
  9. 2010 I Feel Love (Avicii Forgotten Remix). Rhythm Masters, MYNC, Wynter Gordon, Avicii
  10. 2019 Revelations (Original Mix). Stan Kolev, Paul Thomas               
  11. 2008 Nothing Remains The Same. (Ercola Remix). San         
  12. 2019 Need to Feel Loved (Extended Mix). Cosmic Gate, Foret
  13. 2019 Crashing Over (Extended Mix). Factor B, Cat Martin    
  14. 2012 It's Not Right, But It's Okay (Extended Mix). Daddy's Groove, Little Nancy




Every track is curated if only for the titles. “Breathe” from CamelPhat would be my 2019 Trance track of the year. I found the Avicii remix by pure chance, RIP Thomas B. “Crashing Over” is a good not quite epic but solid Trance track.

Do not miss "Revelations" it is as good vocal Trance you will hear this year.


As for It’s Not Right but It’s Okay I will let others be the judge.


A bientôt.



September 22, 2019 12:28 AM PDT

Let’s Go (New) Old Skool!


Mostly new releases with a definite Old Skool feel but 2019 production.


For those old enough to remember, the sound, feel and rhythms of early house, infused with a dose of disco but already showing the feel of what house became.


So far removed from what my current state of mind is, this “happy” set might just be self-prescribed medicine for the soul.





  1. 2019 Empty Streets (Jack Trades Extended Remix). Late Night Alumni
  2. 2019 Running Out (Live Mix). DISCO TOWN, Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket, LauMii
  3. 2017 Got 2 Be Loved (Extended Mix). Soul Reductions
  4. 2019 Need Me (Brian Tappert Re-Work). Used Disco, Brian Tappert
  5. 2019 Giant (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix). Calvin Harris, Rag'n'Bone Man, Purple Disco Machine
  6. 2019 Glorious (Micfreak Dirty Disco Remix). Terrence Parker, Damaged Goods (UK), MicFreak
  7. 2019 Get Down With It (Richard Earnshaw Remix). Larry A, Jamie Aditya, Richard Earnshaw
  8. 2018 Give You (ROOG Remix). Djaimin, Crystal Re-Clear, Roog
  9. 2018 Watching You (BSJ Remix). Enrico BSJ Ferrari, Jo Paciello        
  10. 2019 I Can Feel It (Sebb Junior Remix). JazzyFunk, Sebb Junior
  11. 2019 Stay Inside (Extended Mix). JT Donaldson, Liv.e
  12. 2019 Deeper (Extended Mix). Todd Edwards, Sinden            
  13. 2005 Change (Jask Paradise Blend). Halo, Mr. V, Jask
  14. 2012 H.O.U.S.E (Bacanito & Mojazz Sweet & Sour Vocal Mix). Mr. V           
  15. 2019 Music Pumping (Original Mix). Duo 2, Jeremy Bass, Rio Dela Duna, Soraya Vivian
  16. 2012 Alright (U-Ness & JedSet). Sasha Alazy, U-Ness, JedSet




Will probably do the highlights later in the week, but for now, forgetting the 2 classic oldies from Jask and Mr V, chsck out “Running Out” and “Give You”.


Will be back soon with some progressive sets, more where my current mood is.


A bientôt



September 10, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

2019 Sept Made in China


Funky and Soulful House. Made live in China (Shanghai) with 100% US Grade Soulful House.


Just a fun party mood mix. Would also work at the gym if so inclined.





  1. 2019 Our House (Original Mix). Toni Toolz
  2. 2019 You Change My World (FAM Disco Remix). Jamie Lewis, Marc Evans, FAM Disco
  3. 2019 Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray Dub Mix). Sylvester, Michael Gray
  4. 2019 House Nation (Original Mix). Husky, Mikey V   
  5. 2019 Music Pumping (Incognet Remix). Duo 2, Jeremy Bass, Rio Dela Duna, Soraya Vivian, Incognet
  6. 2019 For Your Love (Original Mix). Mark Funk, Makito         
  7. 2019 Big Love (David Penn Extended Remix). Pete Heller's Big Love, David Penn
  8. 2015 Summer Moonlight (Oliver Moldan Remix). Bob Sinclar, Oliver Moldan
  9. 2019 The Beat Goes On (The Cube Guys Extended Mix). Sinclar, The Cube Guys
  10. 2019 Crazy (Original Mix). House And Sax
  11. 2011 Funky Like That (Random Soul Dub). Dave Mayer & DJ Roland Clark   
  12. 2019 Ride Like the Wind (Derrick Ricky Nelson’s Paradise Mix). Aaron K. Gray, Derrick Ricky Nelson
  13. 2019 Dancer (Original Mix). Mattei & Omich
  14. 2018 I Feel Love (Kevin McKay Extended Mix). Start The Party, Kevin McKay



Though the tracks are very current remixes, a few are new takes on classics.

Loving the remix of Marc Evans "You Change My World", that voice! A 2019 remix of Sylvester's anthem "Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)", layered amzing post-prod work. "House Nation" fuses rap, disco and house. Lots of swag there.

Doc Packer's, "Big Love" 2019 remix.. Party song by excellence.

and quite of few more. Give it a go.



A bientôt



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